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Tailgate Tour: Purdue vs. Indiana State

Purdue University Mascots Donate Purdue Pete Hammer to Near-Campus Eatery.


Tailgate Tour: Purdue vs. Indiana State

"Former Purdue star and NFL veteran David Butz signs autographs, and competes in a cook-off on the second stop of Sports Illustrated's Tailgate Tour."


XXX Family Restaurant

A Little History … A Lot of Fun in Lafayette

"The XXX means excellence, the highest grade and the best. So there you have it and I can attest … their root beer is fantastic! ... But it doesn’t stop there. The food is as All-American as you can get. I was lucky to be with someone who enjoyed splitting food so we shared a tenderloin and a Boilermaker Pete


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David Boudia becomes first non-football athlete honored with Triple XXX specialty

"The Boudia" arrives at Triple XXX: David Boudia and Triple XXX release new sandwich, "The Boudia," in a celebratory event Wednesday where Boudia signed autographs, made the sandwich and served customers.


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West Lafayette burger, Indy sandwich go bun-to-bun

Two of the sandwiches competing head-to-head in the popularity contest leading up to this year's Super Bowl couldn't be more different.   Read more about this competitionTriple XXX Restaurant is participating in at the link below:


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Triple XXX Restaurant Has been Nominated to Participate in the Super 46 Sandwiches Celebration!

We have been nominated to participate in the Super 46 Sandwiches in Indiana for the Super Bowl celebration this year!  Help the Duane Purvis peanut butter burger be the winning Super 46 sandwich by voting at the link below:


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Triple XXX Restaurant named one of the 51 Great Burger Joints across the USA

You won't find burgers on the menu at Triple XXX Family Restaurant. The owners of this West Lafayette joint prefer the term "chop steaks" because they use 100% fresh top-choice sirloin...  Also read the local reaction...


Purdue Pete visits Triple XXX Family Restaurant

Purdue's Pete stops by and says hello to all the Purdue fans!  View the fun on YouTube!
Pete gets carried away!   Pete entertains the crowd!

Triple XXX Family Restaurant

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